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Audi TransmissionAudi Almost Unbeatable At Le Mans For More Than A Decade

Audi AG is based in Ingolstadt, Germany. They make a range of automobiles in many styles, including suburban utility vehicles (SUVs). They have a number of Le Mans championships under their belt. Their success in motoring may partly be attributed to the Audi transmission. Autosport Werks at have more information.

The ’24 Hours of Le Mans’ is a sports car endurance race that has been held in France since 1923. Known affectionately as the Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency, it is the oldest such race in the world. The race is run for twenty-four straight hours, both day and night, with the teams of drivers rotating at approximately two-hour intervals. The winner is the team that has completed the most laps at the end of 24 hours. The track on which the race is run is the Circuit de la Sarthe. It contains a mixture of public roads that are closed for the event as well as stretches of specialist motor racing circuit.

Their first win at Le Mans occurred in July 2000.

The car was the Quattro racing in the LMP900 class with an R8 chassis and a 3.6 liter turbo V8 engine. The drivers for Team Joest were Frank Biela of Germany, Tom Kristensen from Denmark and Italian Emanuel Pirro. Altogether, the team managed 368 laps. The company scored a hat trick that year, having also taken second and third place with 367 and 365 laps, respectively. All three teams drove R8s with the same engine specification. Overall, the R8 won five out of the seven races it competed in at Le Mans.

The winning combination of Biela, Kristensen and Pirro took first place at Lemans in 2001, driving an R8 Quattro chassis powered by the 3.6L turbo V8.

On that occasion they won the race with 321 laps. Their North American counterparts took second place in a similar motor with 320 laps. They repeated their success the following year, scoring 375 laps. This was the first time that the same set of three drivers won the competition three years in a row.

The company took a year out of endurance racing in 2003 but won again in 2004 with Sport Japan’s Team Goh, comprising Kristensen, Seiji Ara from Japan and Rinaldo Capello from Italy. They accumulated 379 laps in a Class LMP1 Quattro R8. Their Sport UK Team Veloqx took second place, also with 379 laps.

Le Mans 2005 was a good year for Tom Kristensen, who drove for American Team ADT Championship Racing for a record of seven victories, six of which were uninterrupted.

Audi Playstation Team Oreca had to settle for fourth place. It was a very hot year with many mechanical failures, and Team Oreca could only manage 362 laps compared with ADT’s 370.

Team Joest regained momentum and took first place with 380 laps in 2006. This time they drove an R10 TDI Chassis with a TDI 5.5L Diesel Turbo V12. German Marco Werner replaced Tom Kristensen, who drove with Capello and Alan McNish to take third place for Team Joest with 367 laps.

Team Joest won again in 2007 and 2008.

They were beaten the following two years. They won again in 2011, despite McNish having crashed one vehicle soon after the start of the race.

There is a list of criteria that one should have in mind when choosing the best Audi car repair and service Colorado.

With this information one is able to know what they need to do and who is reliable. They are many repair shops that claim to be reliable and dependable, so it is important to know who is speaking the truth.

Talk to people that you know. – This can be anyone that you have a relationship with in some way. Family, friends, and even co-workers are a great way to start. If they are happy with the service that they are getting, then it is probably a good place to go. It is even better if the person you are getting the referrals from has the same car as yours.

Try to find out if the employees are trained. – This is another important aspect of choosing the right repair shop. A person might be good with cars, but it does not mean that they are trained to do extensive repairs and services on your vehicle. So it is important to make sure that the people working there are trained to do that type of work.

Examine the atmosphere that is created by the shop. – This means that one should pay a visit to the shop of their choice and see what it is like. One can also talk to those who are there at the time to see if they come there often and how they like the service. The way the shop is organized can also determine if this is a place one wants to bring their vehicle.

Check to see if the employees are certified. – This is one of the most important things to look for because one wants to be sure that the people working there are qualified to work on their car, especially if it is a new one. It shows that they are dependable and knowledgeable about what they are doing.

Do not pay too much attention to the size of the location. – It can be tempting to look for the largest shop as it may appear to be more successful and dependable. But, looks can be deceiving and one should not be too quick to assume that the service will be better. One should take the time to make comparisons in terms of the costs and the services that are provided.

Make sure that the technology is up to date. – This is another important aspect to consider when choosing a repair shop. When the tools and equipment are up to date, it means that one does not have to worry about having their needs met. They will be able to everything done at the some location.

These are just a few of the ways one can choose the best Audi car repair and service Colorado and they all fix BMW and VW. When one takes these criteria into consideration, they might save themselves the frustration that comes from making the wrong choice.

They will be able to tell who is right for them and where they can feel comfortable.

Audi Garage

Audi Garage
Audi Garage

The Way To Get The Best Bargain On A Used Audi

If you’ve ever considered that purchasing a luxury Audi is merely for the affluent then think again, a used luxury automobile along the lines of an Audi may actually amount to a smaller amount, over time, than just a normal mass market car such as an Honda or perhaps Peugeot.

The reason is in fact uncomplicated, for starterst high-class automobiles such as Audi’s are currently far more reasonably priced than it might seem, the capital cost will be lower and even more importantly, the actual cost of ownership of your Audi is usually much cheaper when compared with other autos for the reason that are cheaper to run and maintain, and the devaluation is lower.

Now how is it possible to get hold of a nice Audi bargain, permit me to tell you a couple of trade secrets that can assist you get the Audi for almost nothing.

Lease returns: Increasingly more high-class cars like Audi’s on lease as compared to any other kind of automotive. When the new expense of these kinds of luxury autos is so high then it’s obvious that most of these will be leased. Nevertheless this is good for you being a customer as it means you have variety to select your quality used Audi from. Furthermore leased Audi’s will tend to be in a far better condition because people that lease cars must pay out large sums for any damage or extra miles, therefore they have a tendency to be incredibly attentive to prevent such charges.

Choose the Dealer: Definitely not all dealers are equal, even when it concerns high end Audi’s the used market is packed with traps for the unsuspicious customer. Make certain your selected dealer is part of all the standard trade bodies for example the trading standards scheme and that they provide you with all the usual conveniences you would except a professional dealer to provide, such as extended warranties, credit and debit card machine etc

To obtain the very best price it always makes sense to shop around, and be willing to put down a deposit to show the dealer you are a serious customer, this might also allow you to secure the best bargain when it comes time to talk numbers and haggle a deal.

Check the car: In the same way all used dealers won’t be the same, not all Audi’s are the same either. Several will have a lot more wear and tear when compared with others such as higher mileage, chips, scuff marks and also dents etc. Several happen to be care for much better than some others and for that reason have a full, main dealer service history, others could have non or perhaps partial service history or the service might have been at a non-franchised garage. Consequently pick your car and the dealer cautiously, non-reputable dealers will stock any garbage whilst the better ones will carefully select their stock.

So what are you waiting for?, with luxury Audi’s less costly to maintain than common cars, isn’t it time you ceased daydreaming and bought yourself your perfect car! And with so much bargain stock to choose just follow the tips in this article and get yourself a knocked down Audi.

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Audi Denver

Audi Denver
2010 audi
Cooler weather means harsher driving conditions and many consumers looking to buy used cars, trucks and SUVs are considering all wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles to handle those conditions. For for the occasion this time of year by stocking up on 4WD sport utility vehicles and popular AWD options. Such as those manufactured by Audi, BMW, Dodge, Ford, Lexus, Mercedes, Range Rover and Subaru. All wheel drive refers to using all four wheels as active drive wheels for greater control in challenging road conditions. It works by dividing up the engine torque between the front and rear wheels in varying amounts depending on the needs. AWD is designed as an on-road control system.

Four wheel drive is a term used to describe a four-wheeled vehicle with a drive train that allows all four wheels to receive power from the engine simultaneously. While many people think exclusively of off-road vehicles, powering all four wheels provides better control on slick ice and is an important part of rally racing on mostly-paved roads. At this point, you might be asking yourself, “What is the difference between all wheel drive and four wheel drive?” Well, there isn’t much of a difference.

Full-time 4WD vehicles have a “4-low” setting that is not available in AWD cars. Due to the lack of “low range,” AWD vehicles are much less capable in off-road settings than full-time 4WD vehicles, but work perfectly well on-road.

AWD isn’t a term reserved for trucks any longer. Audi and Subaru have offered this option in their cars for years. Their success has led others into the market, resulting in an explosion of consumer options. It is one of the most sophisticated drive lines available today.. Advanced electronics, gears or fluid-filled differentials can equally distribute power among all wheels or transfer torque to the wheels with the most traction. Modern engineering has advanced AWD systems to the point where they are nearly seamless to the driver. AWD systems offer vastly improved capabilities for winter driving or on wet, slippery roads.

Operating much like AWD, the 4WD drive line usually is more robust because it is designed for serious off-road use. Engine torque is usually evenly distributed to each wheel on dry surfaces, and varies automatically according to conditions in low-traction situations. Extremely capable off-road and in winter weather, full-time 4WD vehicles often found on the Colorado Auto Finders lot include the Land Rover Range Rover, Lexus LX Series, and Hummer H2 and H3 SUVs.

Audi Colorado

Audi Colorado
Audi Colorado

Chantilly, VA used car dealer waiting to see if Audi TTS can drive itself up Pikes Peak

Don’t feel like climbing Pikes Peak? Then watch the new Audi drive itself up. That’s right, a car that can drive itself outside of a James Bond movie. Technology is indeed a beautiful thing. Audi dealer Fairfax customers will be impressed what the Autonomous Audi TTS Pikes Peak can do.

This fall the new Audi model will make a test run up Pikes Peak in Colorado. This model is based on the street-ready Audi TTS sports car with a drive-by-wire throttle and a semi-automatic DSG gearbox, which work well with the automated electronics that make a driver optional.

The car uses two computers in the trunk. They process safety-critical algorithms with Real Time Java from Oracle and vehicle dynamics algorithms. This combined data allows the TTS drive on its own at various speeds, over different surfaces and through a mix of conditions.

In addition to trying to drive itself up a large mountain, the Audi TTS Pikes Peak will attempt a land speed record at El Mirage Lake in California this fall. Audi is hoping the car will make it into the Guiness Book of World Records for autonomous speed. The Chantilly VA used car dealer staff is looking forward to this moment.

“We were very much inspired by the Pikes Peak race cars,” said Raul Cenan, Lead Designer on the TTS project. “But there was very different technology used in those cars overall. So we decided to go with more modern elements that were heritage-inspired.”

Partners in developing the technology behind the Audi TTS Pikes Peak include the Stanford University Dynamic Design Lab, the Electronics Research Lad for the Volkswagen Group in Palo Alto, California and Oracle Corp. They chose the Pikes Peak race route, which includes pavement and gravel, to test the limits of the autonomous technology.

Audi cars have a history of achieving legendary status on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb and this fall the Audi TTS may just be added to that list. Audi rally cars have used technology like all-wheel drive to win the “Race to the Clouds”. Famed rally car drivers include Bobby Unser, Walter Roehrl and Michel Mouton. Many Chantilly VA used car dealer customers would love to add their names to that list!

Selecting the design for the Audi TTS Pikes Peak was a fun challenge for the design team. They created several options, one of which actually had a topographic map of Pikes Peak covering the body of the TTS.

The “winning” design incorporates the past tradition of Audi while demonstrating the technology that is essential in the TTS. Designers took 1980s rally car themes and tweaked them to have a futuristic look. A large four-rings logo is dominant on the roof of the new TTS so rally fans with an aerial view will have no doubt what car they are watching. Audi dealer Fairfax customer will surely be watching.

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BMW Repair
BMW Repair

Many vehicle manufacturers require a transmission service as part of the routine vehicle maintenance, and is normally performed at certain mileage intervals. In the past, some manufacturers recommended a transmission service every 30,000 miles, however currently manufacturers suggest service at a much higher interval such as 100,000 miles, and in some cases it is not needed at all. With all of these changes, you may be left wondering what you should be doing with your vehicle.

Automatic Transmission Service

In this service we will normally drain the fluid, drop the service pan, and change the filter on the valve body inside the transmission. This service should normally be completed per your manufacturer mileage intervals although some manufacturers indicate a lifetime fluid service and it never should be changed. If the vehicle has a history of this service being done at regular intervals, it is recommended to keep servicing the transmission regardless of the “lifetime” service claim. If there is no record of a transmission service and the vehicle has under 60k miles, it is usually ok to start servicing that transmission to get the vehicle on a regular schedule. If you are unsure and the vehicle has over 60k miles, you should not service the transmission unless the manufacturer recommends it at a higher interval as seen in some CVT and Sequential type transmissions we will talk about below.

Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)

Typically found in the new MINI and Audi vehicles, a CVT transmission is quite different than a normal automatic transmission design although they do share some of the same service requirements. Vehicles equipped with a CVT use special fluid and sometimes will require a filter change. Intervals on a CVT are typically higher than a normal automatic transmission.

Sequential Transmissions (SMG, DSG, etc)

A relatively new product to the street world, and not to be confused with earlier “Tiptronic or Steptronic”, these transmission types are called automatic transmissions by some and have the option of both a manual gearbox and automatic modes. Many earlier manufacturers were offering their automatic transmissions with manual shifting ability via paddles or at the shifter itself. The Sequential Gearbox takes this idea to another level. Although the design changes from each manufacturer, the basic concept usually remains the same. This gearbox will have clutches inside just like a manual transmission along with hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic motors attached to it that are told how and when to shift from a control module on board. These transmissions usually offer a manual mode which allows the control module to simulate an automatic transmission program so the driver does not have to interfere with gear changes. Although these transmissions have manual transmission like clutches inside, they usually do not incorporate a clutch pedal inside the car. The clutch pedal action is also simulated by the computer system. These transmissions can also have a fluid service interval and/or checkup and should be serviced according to the manufacturer service interval. You may also want to ask us to check for any software updates or revisions to make sure your transmission is operating the way it should. These updates can extend the life of this type of transmission many miles.

Manual Transmissions (5-speed, 6-speed etc.)

Many people will forget that their manual transmissions contain fluid inside for gear lubrication. Although this fluid can last a lot longer than an automatic, it should also be changed every so often. We recommend a normal manual transmission service interval at 30k miles. Call us to find out when and if you should be servicing your manual transmission. We feature Redline products an upgrade to some manual gearbox services where applicable.

Transmission Flushes

We do not perform or recommend transmission flushes on European vehicles. Most manufacturers only recommend a fluid and filter change. A flush machine can damage the seals inside the transmission and lead to major damage. Although it is argued that a typical transmission service and filter change does not remove all of the old fluid from the system and does not offer the same protection, we still must side with the manufacturers on this one. Some European vehicles actually allow you to drain the fluid not only from the transmission pan but also from the torque converter allowing you to remove more fluid than a normal pan service. European vehicles are quite different from Asian and Domestic as their fluid pans typically hold a greater percentage of fluid, and this can lead to extended service life although some manufacturer service intervals are still too long.

Audi Service

Audi Service
audi spider
Audi used the Paris motor show to reflect upon plans for an eco-friendly hybrid Spider concept. Also present within the prestigious road show was Audis Quattro concept car- manufactured to mark the release of the original Quattro model just 30 years ago.

Audi’s design teams had an internal contest to design the new machine and Audi’s bosses briefed the two design chiefs, Stefan Seilaff and Wolfgang Egger, to go head-to-head and revive the Quattro’s spirit 30 years on. Egger who is the ex-Alfa head of design won the friendly internal competition.

The winning design is based on the RS5 with 150mm chopped from the wheelbase and 40mm taken off the roof line, its rear overhang has been cut by 200mm, so it measures 4.28-metres long, 1.86-metres wide and only 1.33-metres high.

With a 2.6 metre wheelbase, the Quattro concept sits on 20-inch wheels and uses the similar style of large wheel arch flares as the 1980’s original design which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show and went on to become a rallying legend thereafter.

Audi in Edinburgh have said there are no definitive plans to put the concepts into production because it was just a fun, internal challenge, however if enough interest were to be generated then it wouldn’t be too difficult to get it all up and running.

Reviving old models has become a trend in the automotive industry recently, as we have seen with the new remodelled Citroen DS, Fiat with the 500 and all of these remodelled vehicles have all been proven with successful sales.

Sara Wright is working within marketing and is currently researching Audi in Edinburgh