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About Autosport Werks

When you ask yourself where will you take your car for repairs and modifications, what are the criteria you value?
The highest quality service, parts, and professionalism are sure to be at the top of your list, right next to honesty and reasonable prices. Autosport Werks is a specialty shop dealing only with Audi, BMW , and Volkswagen vehicles.

Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with not only your car, but you, the owner.
While we do want to minimize the down time you incur, we’re not trying to get you in and out as fast as possible. This is not Jiffy Lube. There are no 10 minute oil changes here. We want you coming back when your vehicle is in need of its next repair. Regardless of what your vehicle is scheduled for, we will pay specific attention to issues that may arise before your next scheduled maintenance, and prevent any problems that may leave you on the side of the road.

We are a small, family style repair facility.
With a total of 6 employees and a combined 80+ years of experience, our work force features virtually zero turnover and a vested interest in the products we represent. Often the dealer experience can leave you feeling taken advantage of. Here we take pride in providing a personal experience and we will always make it a priority to walk you through any repairs your vehicle may need.

Please don’t hesitate to call and ask any questions.
Service Appointment Line: (303) 952-5025

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